3.6L Conversion on a 77 911s

Update 9/10 Done! Only minor issues remain, like hooking up the heater and installing the correct muffler.

My sad story...

This is where any 911 engine owner may end up some day.You - or someone driving your car - will shift from 2nd to 1st instead of 3rd, or 4th to 3rd instead of 5th, and you'll end up with a nice collection of conversation pieces and paperweights where you used to have an engine.In my case, it was a friend of mine driving the car at an autocross, and I got to watch the execution. I'm guessing that the engine saw ~13k RPM, which floated the valves and caused them to hit the pistons.

It was obvious that something was wrong with the car, but I wasn't sure what.I got it home, and did a compression test: 0 lbs of compression on #6, and 120 to 145 on the rest.A subsequent trip to the local shop revealed that I'd bent all of the valves. I started down the road of a valve job, but then decided it wouldn't be worth it in the long run, and opted for the upgrade instead.

So, I started doing my homework. I knew Instant-G (Dr. Steve Timmins) offered a 3.6L conversion kit.I got lucky on the 911 list and found a rebuilt 3.6L engine from DC Automotive, so the stage was pretty much set to do the conversion.

Details of the project


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Misc Performance Data

CarWeight (lbs)HPLbs:HP
VW Bus22005738.6:1
'77 911 w/2.72470165 15.0:1
'77 911 w/3.6 (chip, cone filter & exhaust)24702808.8:1
'90 964 w/3.6 303125012.1:1
'90 964 w/3.6 (chip, cone filter & exhaust)303128010.8:1
'79 9302870265 10.8:1
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