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Right idea, wrong bus.
 2002-07-02 (38.62k)
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07/02/02 Taylor Ah, I tried this just last week simply for the name...and that's about all it's worth. Gyah, the stuff just don't taste right!

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= L O M B A R D  R U N = = L O M B A R D R U N =
david beanrdo

= L O M B A R D R U N = I've been thinking what a great photo this would make if Lombard St. in San Francisco could be filled with Buses. If 10-15 Buses (1967 or older) are willing, I will try to set this up. Email me back and let me know if you are interested. -David
 2002-07-01 (86.18k)
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11/02/02 vw-traveller Anyone interested in doing the follow-up picture/poster with bays?
07/06/02 Joe Meredith, will you be able to make it, or are you taking donations? You need some gas money or a place to stay, I may be able to help.
07/05/02 meredith i live in marin and be more than glad to be there!
07/03/02 Sean I'm down too!
07/03/02 Thom I'm down with it!
07/02/02 Andrew Strom I'd buy a poster too. I'd love to be in it, but being 2500 miles away is just a small problem.
07/02/02 spengdog Do it! I'll buy a poster!
07/02/02 drew that's a great idea. i wish i was close enough to participate.

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 2002-06-30 (40.3k)
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07/11/02 Pete Agreed
07/01/02 meredith gotta work on your photoshop skills.

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Snake in the bus Snake in the bus
Mike Brown
When me and the fellas were out in the sticks we stopped at this old guys house who had some buses on his property. Looking in the engine compartment of this bus we found a snake that looked like the wiring loom.
 2002-06-30 (11.51k)
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10/10/02 hoot caloot that notchback over thar has 4 new mich-a-lin tires a new batt-tree and some gummed up del-ro-to carburators
10/10/02 Willie Ya boys r gittin a boot scoot boogie upside ya head next time yuz show up round here smelling like city.
07/01/02 Snoop Bob and the same guy also made his first baja out of a kdf wagen
07/01/02 splitsville thats the same guy that said "if you get hurt on my property, my insurance policy is a 357 and a shovel"

See Also: Scenic Route  Panels   Other pix from Andrew Strom
Night shot Night shot
Andrew Strom
I snapped a picture of my '58 Panel Bus and my '60 European Beetle a few nights ago, and thought y'all might enjoy it. If you feel like chatting, e-mail me.
 2002-06-30 (25.9k)
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Bus wet bar Bus wet bar
Sean D
Farf Bar!
A month in the making!
 2002-06-26 (186.05k)
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10/12/05 lynn great bar..we just picked up our 1978 Westfalia and am curious to know what FARF has been completely restored and has the FARF decals on it..any ideas?
09/02/02 Layla the coolest thing I have ever seen. EVER.
08/01/02 Jeff Can you make the lights work too?
06/27/02 Sean Please stop! You have no idea what geers you are turning! :)
06/27/02 Harry Houck Sean, great job!
Does it have a horn button on the top?
How about adding a bumper as a foot rail? You could dummy one up from large and small dia. PVC if you don't want to use a real one. Run the supports to the bumpers to look like tent struts. A Westy awning would look great over the top!

Other pix from Jon Hroar Ulstad
Jon Hroar Ulstad
Da boss..
 2002-06-25 (83.3k)
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09/12/02   umm you lick some ass at PS!!!
09/02/02 layla he even got the shadow right...::applauds excellent use of photoshop::
06/25/02 23window Nice use of Photoshop, seriously, that's clean.
06/25/02   Now that you have lowered it, how do you expect to get any work done? Very impractical.

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 2002-06-24 (43.01k)
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See Also: Literature   Other pix from david benardo

david benardo
A Peter Aschwanden Split, from the classic *How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive* book by John Muir (2001) Still a fun read. Just picked up a *new* version from the local library with a lot more great illustrations.
 2002-06-24 (47.97k)
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Rob Laffoon
We had a party today for publicity for our upcoming Omaha VW Club show on July 20th 2002 and this was a cake that was made for me. My truck was used because it was made into a Johnny Lighting SC toy that can be found at Hobby Lobby and Walmart and such. Shouldn't be more than $3
 2002-06-22 (52.92k)
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Strange but true. Click on: VW bus kunst
 2002-06-18 (10.73k)
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 2002-06-13 (13.28k)
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See Also: Bus Clones   Other pix from david benardo

david benardo

Wonder where they got the inspiration for the name?
 2002-06-10 (41.09k)
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06/11/02 vwbusaddict You know VWAG was the coolest on all the production names, I mean back in the '30s is probably when those German guys were deciding on the names: Type l, Type ll,
06/10/02 drew great picure :)

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 2002-06-09 (33.34k)
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See Also: Scenic Route  Rare Buses and Parts  Sightings   Other pix from Domi


 2002-06-06 (43.14k)
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