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Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine
Christina Swanno
Feel free to call with any questions. There will be prizes and VIP seating/parking for those who come in their VW Buses! Thanks so much, Christina Swanno Allied Advertising, Public Relations 4221 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 400 Los Angeles, CA 90010 323-857-7612
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Other pix from Simon
Found this on the web Found this on the web

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Other pix from Thom


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See Also: Logo'd Buses  Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Other Campers   Other pix from CB Shaffer
CB Shaffer

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06/24/06 CB Shaffer Thanks! Overall, this is the best VW I have ever had. I think I could drive it from coast to coast and never have a problem.
06/24/06 Pilar i love your van it's so awesome, especially the painting of The Beatles, i love them!

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Travelling around Australia Travelling around Australia Travelling around Australia Travelling around Australia
Geoff Warren
Here is my Kombi roughing it around Australia.
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See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Jonathan Trundle
slit shuuter camera slit shuuter camera
Jonathan Trundle
This image was made with a homemade slit shutter camera. I mounted the camera onto a tripod that allowed for a continuous 360-degree rotation. I attempted to hand wind the film while at the same time hand turning the camera to cause a 360 mapping of the inside of my VW. The trick is to do both of these movements in the same time (parallel) for the image to be understood. I used a Hasselblad 40mm lens to take in the interior of the VW and I kept winding the film while panning the camera until the entire length of 120 roll film had been exposed. I have been working on a motorized version of this camera but I feel the look of the "operators hand" in the image would be lost... and it would then just be a panoramic camera.
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07/06/06 Alexis Prappas - Brazil Very nice artistic view! It must be great to have it in a 10f print at the wall. Congratulations. I will try out with my Rolleiflex.

See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Jonathan Trundle
slit shuuter camera slit shuuter camera
Jonathan Trundle
Image made while hand winding film through a homemade slit shutter camera while walking around the outside of my Volkswagen. The image is from a 120 roll of film so it is 02 inches by about 32 inches.
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Space Camper

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See Also: Toys & Collectibles  Special Interest   Other pix from david benardo
$500 record player $500 record player
david benardo

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See Also: Standards   Other pix from FRED ANGER
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07/15/06 paul and carol if you look in the gallery you will see our full sized drivable fillimore. shes our star when we go out in her. view pics at our local club in cornwall. under 5th cruise

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VW buses - 4ever!!!=)
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See Also: Bay-Window (68 to 79)  Deluxes   Other pix from Joo Carlos Rosetto

Joo Carlos Rosetto
Mais uma na parada sucesso
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See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  Deluxes   Other pix from pete
23 window 23 window 23 window 23 window 23 window 23 window
my vw site
A recent photo shoot for my site. I wish that this bus was mine but I'll have to settle for the photos.
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See Also: Stand By Your Van  Rare Buses and Parts  Customized Buses  Kombis   Other pix from shannon

this is my new baby
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04/10/11 nikki hippy van der westhuizen i am realy inlove with all of your busses!!
Im 18 years old and live in cape town, its going to be my matric farewell on the 30th of september and i was hoping that you could help me, i want to arrive in one of your busses. the more colourfull the better. i wanted to know if you might be willing to rent one to me just for a couple of would have a licensed driver or if you feel more comfortable you can drive it. i hope you will concider helping. i would appreciate it if you would send me a email with your answer :) thank you*

03/26/06 Tracy Bug Just delicious!! Love it! Enjoy her!
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