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    Kelley Park 2001 Kelley Park 2001
    Here's a big listee group photo; L-R John Howard, Ronnie Feitelson, Me, Steve Harris, and Gene Cornelius
     2001-04-22 (68.2k)
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    Kelley Park 2001 Kelley Park 2001
    Here's a big listee group photo; L-R John Howard, Ronnie Feitelson, Me, Steve Harris, and Gene Cornelius
     2001-04-22 (56.8k)
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    See Also: Panels     Other pix from Taylor Nelson
    John Howard's Biscuits are Burnin! John Howard's Biscuits are Burnin!
    Taylor Nelson
    John apparently learned a lesson about standing too close to propane heaters...image from Bring Your Own Bus 2001!
     2001-04-21 (64.77k)
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    the troops the troops
    Stormtroopers pose infront of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell's famous "Hate-Bus".
     2001-04-20 (17.22k)
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    Other pix from Henry Abner

    Henry Abner
    do u know anyone that wants to buy a 1962 Bus... runs great... its currently in denver, CO heres a pic..
     2001-04-17 (109.43k)
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    06/08/03 MissBussted Come on Von Dingleberry---Your name says it all---" topless breasty woman"? Why is it some men must be pure swine? It must be a fantasy of desire for such fine female company that drives men to such depths.
    09/16/02 Herr von Dingleberry Doesn't Ismael know that this is America?? Speak English for God's sake. Also there needs to be a rule that the only topless "Stand by Your Van" pics be of breasty females only.
    09/08/02 Chris I just have to tell yea you have a beatiful bus and i would love to buy it but i cant because i don't have enough mulla
    06/02/02 corbin i will be coming to denver soon might be interested in your bus if u still have it please email me with asking price and more photos if u have them
    05/27/02 ISMAEL RIVERA saludos desde puerto rico de parte del club algarete volki club de cayey primer aniversario

    See Also: Kombis   Other pix from Thom
    Ah, the old days Ah, the old days
    Here's me discussing the finer points of hacking holes in buses
     2001-04-14 (73.99k)
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    Nellie at Famillian Fest 2000 Nellie at Famillian Fest 2000
    Well this is what you get when you lower a bus that has its original tent. You get a lowered tent! DOH!!!!
     2001-04-12 (218.16k)
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    See Also: Panels   Other pix from Bad Billy
    Me n my bus Me n my bus
    Bad Billy

     2001-04-10 (37.33k)
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Single Cabs   Other pix from Eren Berberoglu
    kasket kasket
    Eren Berberoglu
    this is my first split bus , I have had all the other models before (t2 t3 t4) , it is the most rusty VW I have ever owned but I may say it is the most clean that can be found where I live (Turkey), I will rebuild the pickup with IRS and a dual port 1600 with progressive carb.
     2001-04-10 (54.91k)
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    Other pix from Calhoun

    My wife and I with "Pickles"
     2001-04-09 (16.65k)
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    Other pix from Calhoun

    The kids standing by my 58, which they love !
     2001-04-09 (14.68k)
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    See Also: VW Shows  Deluxes   Other pix from Henry Vera
    its me and my bus its me and my bus
    Henry Vera
    as you can tell im a young kid and this is my first car
     2001-04-08 (20.97k)
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    10/07/02 Mark Henry, forget those weenies! Very nice bus, I like the yellow a lot. That was one of the colors I was debating about spraying on my bus. Very cool indeed, is it a 15 window or 13, kinda hard to tell from this shot? Also, I agree with you and think it is probably nicer than the buses these other morons posting b.s. below here have or own for sure, they wouldn't knock it if it wasn't better than their own bus...right? Just sheer jealousy, ignore it and keep up the enthusiasm Henry....your bus ROCKS!! Laters from the '60 BRM'd EZ-Camper dude (that is raising a lot of eyebrows and comments on this cool site too!), Mark.
    10/07/02   YELLOW IS FOR PUSSIES
    09/08/02   Obviously spoilt rotten
    09/08/02   As far as I can tell you look like a young hoodrat about to steal someone elses bus.
    09/08/02 Chris I just have to tell u how nice your bus looks i am looking for one myself and have had some trouble because i live in wisconsin and older cars r harder to find in good condison so ur a lucky fella hope u enjoy ur bus

    See Also: Standards   Other pix from scott simpson
    my 67 walkthrough my 67 walkthrough
    scott simpson

     2001-04-06 (9.25k)
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    See Also: Accessories  Working Buses  Customized Buses  Single Cabs   Other pix from Paul Smith
    The Zone and the Bud Girls The Zone and the Bud Girls
    Paul Smith
    My '61 Singlecab named, "The Zone". The first time I got in it, I knew I was in the zone. Check my site for Pics, Resto history, Events Calender and more.
     2001-04-03 (26.88k)
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    See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Andrew Strom
    My 'new' Deluxe My 'new' Deluxe
    Andrew Strom

    This is me and my *new* 1966 Walk-thru Hardtop Deluxe(kind of rare here in Greenville, SC). If you want to talk VW's, e-mail me.
     2001-03-29 (19.77k)
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