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    See Also: Standards   Other pix from Nicolai Kiel
    my sweet 'hardbody' and me my sweet 'hardbody' and me
    Nicolai Kiel
    Hey VinageBus-freaks! This is my 8.63 vinage bus. Here in Germany we call 'em 'Bulli', or T1. It's a former crewbus used by the german red cross. The original color was grey, but one of the other owners painted the bus in the way you can see it now. I bought the 'hardbody' in october 2000 and paid 1300 DM (~590$) for this sweety.
     2001-01-12 (0k)
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    See Also: Double Cabs   Other pix from Gerald 'Jaywood'
    Hauling it home..... Hauling it home.....
    Gerald 'Jaywood'
    We were actually able to drive the deluxes home.... The crewcab however was stubborn and we had to use a ch#vy to coax it out of there. This crewcab is now in a friends loving hands in Hales Grove, CA. in the midst of the Redwoods.
     2001-01-10 (96.07k)
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Deluxes   Other pix from Gerald 'Jaywood'
    The girls and the other deluxe..... The girls and the other deluxe.....
    Gerald 'Jaywood'
    Is it not a good feeling to find them like this and drag em home??
     2001-01-10 (23.26k)
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    See Also: Projects & Restoration  Deluxes   Other pix from Gerald 'Jaywood'
    Part of a Hayfork, CA find.... Part of a Hayfork, CA find....
    Gerald 'Jaywood'
    One crewcab, one deluxe, one 21 window deluxe. Found in the hills of California. The owner was a "gardener" by trade and these things had to go..... Something or another about helicopters flying overhead and seeing them was the story..... $200 each and they found a new home.......
     2001-01-10 (20.18k)
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    See Also: Double Cabs   Other pix from Gerald 'Jaywood'
    The Kids!  All four of them! The Kids! All four of them!
    Gerald 'Jaywood'
    My kids and the late "Bear" who had too much rotten Octopus to eat on day..... 1960 Crewcab decked out by the PO. 2 fuel tanks, original safaries, disk brakes, lowered, foam injected throughout (one quiet ride), and other disgraces to an otherwise excellent condition crewcab. This baby is for trade for a barndoor or Binz...... or will one day be restored back to original by me.
     2001-01-10 (51.31k)
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    See Also: Deluxes   Other pix from Ib jacobsen
    limo driving at my sisters wedding limo driving at my sisters wedding
    Ib jacobsen
    limo driving at my sisters wedding
     2001-01-07 (147.36k)
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    Other pix from Cpt Caspian
    me & my Annabelle me & my Annabelle
    Cpt Caspian
    1963 VW from Arizona. We put a freeway flyer trans, a 1776cc w/ kadrons.
     2001-01-06 (78.38k)
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    See Also: Standards   Other pix from Mike
    I need a hug. I need a hug.
    Rick Babor giving me a bear hug while Mark Rafferty laughs on at the last ever Buses on the Blue Ridge.
     2001-01-06 (69.22k)
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    See Also: Rare Buses and Parts  Hall of Shame  Panels   Other pix from David
    Camel-powered van Camel-powered van
    A camel-powered van on the Oodnadatta Track, Simpson Desert, Australia
     2001-01-04 (31.42k)
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    10/04/02 i am the owner of this bus please thank you please to be helping me out, i would like very much to trade my two cammels for a volksawagen motor please thankyou buddy. also need a front clip and doors to be making my bus complete. loyd the motor builder please to be contacting me to see you build one for me thank you buddy. i trade you two single hump cammels for one doubleport motor thank you buddy
    10/04/02 jesse kinda weird but it could work

    See Also: Double Cabs   Other pix from Cameron John Graham

    Cameron John Graham
    Loaded with all my wordly possesions, except my (Yamaha TT600 motorbike), the low profile tyres blew one by one on my 600 mile trip.....
     2001-01-04 (19.22k)
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    See Also: Double Cabs   Other pix from Cameron John Graham
    Goodbye Kiss Goodbye Kiss
    Cameron John Graham
    Bought the '67 Dualcab for $400 in 1981(?) and left Sydney for the "green" hills of Nimbin. Note "WHIP IT" on the tailgate, (DEVOlution) and big dent in rear qtr where I got hit by a Coca-Cola Sales rep, I think I got about $350 (kept the cash, but kept the ding!). Also note "Roo Bar" as described by Hardings with spare tyre mounted. Swapped car about 2 years later and then saw it several years after at a VW wreckers at Nambucca Heads in a very sorry state. Like most, I wish I still had it, dual cabs are very hard to find now....
     2001-01-04 (25.41k)
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    See Also: Standards   Other pix from Brad Loy
    Brad, Brandon and Brooke Loy Brad, Brandon and Brooke Loy
    Brad Loy
    My children; Brandon(dob 10-25-2000) and Brooke Loy in front of my '65 standard custom and my '71 convertible
     2001-01-01 (156.72k)
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    See Also: Deluxes  Projects & Restoration     Other pix from Tom Good (Solo Hobbit)
    Grinding my project on the bus rotisserie Grinding my project on the bus rotisserie
    Tom Good (Solo Hobbit)

     2000-12-30 (41.43k)
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    See Also: Vintage Photographs   Other pix from Cris Torlasco
    Emerald Transportation Fleet Emerald Transportation Fleet
    Cris Torlasco
    I think this one definitely qualifies for the "Stand by your bus" section... The photo shows the city bus fleet of Eugene, OR along their proud drivers. There were 20 buses overall, used from 1958 to 1970. For more information, see my letter in the NEATO newsletter #72.
     2000-12-21 (89.66k)
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    See Also: Logo'd Buses  Panels   Other pix from Peter Weinzettl
    Frantz Oil filter Frantz Oil filter
    Peter Weinzettl
    1962 Australaian panel... used to be a Frantz servicing vehicle.
     2000-12-21 (63.31k)
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